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August 2016 - January 2017


Silver Bluff Elementary’s YCW School Program has been reinstated at the school. Their YCW School Advisor is 5th Grade Teacher Leila Germroth, who has successfully orchestrated YCW School Programs at Silver Bluff in the past. The YCW Student Members have done a phenomenal job in monitoring the school and anonymously reporting any potential verbal or physical wrong doing of others. They have taken seriously the job of keeping the school a friendly and safe environment. The Silver Bluff Elementary YCW School Program also successfully coordinated a week-long “Red Ribbon Week Campaign” which consisted of activities as: students signing Red Ribbon Pledges to display around the classrooms or outside the rooms, Red Ribbon lessons during science class, students wearing sunglasses to remembers to “shade out drugs”, and having YCW of Miami-Dade “Red Ribbon Week” Assemblies, among other activities. 

Coral Reef Elementary’s YCW School Program continues their rich tradition of incorporating both youth crime prevention and law enforcement studies within the program. This year the primary focus of the Coral Reef Elementary YCW School Program is environmental studies within law enforcement and other government agencies roles in protecting the environment. The program participated in Palmetto Bay’s Pineland Cleanup Event at Coral Reef Park where YCW student members enhanced the beautification of Palmetto Bay. The school’s YCW program also once again participated in the “Homeless Awareness Day” initiative, where the YCW students held signs and let the parents know that we can end homelessness, but we will need everyone’s help. YCW School Advisors M-DPD Officer Peter Judge, M-DPD Officer Wendy Yanes, and School Counselor Susan Sirota continue to excel in their roles. 

Gloria Floyd Elementary’s YCW School Program has continuously excelled in prioritizing inclusion of the student body and faculty representatives of the school in their coordinated YCW School Program initiatives. The school has also maintained a very successful M-DCPS School Police “Kindergarten Cop” Pro-gram where Kindergarten students are educated on a wide array of safety topics by the M-DCPS School Police Department. M-DCPS School Resource Officer Z. Potts instructs the Kindergarten Cop students on a weekly basis. The M-DCPS Kindergarten Cop Program and its collaborators, including YCW of Miami-Dade County, were recognized by M-DCPS School Board Member Lubby Navarro at the October M-DCPS School Board Meeting. The school’s YCW program is opened up for 3rd-5th graders. The YCW student members have been busy with multiple activities and events on both youth crime prevention and community service. Moreover, the YCW School Program continuously hold safety committee meetings to assess and improve school safety. Of course, nothing would be possible without the leadership of the school’s YCW Advisor Ana Arias, who is also the Sponsor of the school’s M-DCPS Kindergarten Cop Program.

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